The Admiral’s Collection

Hobart, Tasmania


Amid concerns over the presence of French explorers, the first British settlement in Van Diemen’s Land (as Tasmania was then known) occurred in 1803 when a penal colony was established at Risdon Cove on the shores of the Derwent River.

In 1804, the settlement was relocated to the present site of Hobart at Sullivan’s Cove. The city, initially known as Hobart Town, was named after Lord Hobart, the Colonial Secretary. The area’s original inhabitants were members of the semi-nomadic Mouheneener tribe. A series of bloody encounters with the Europeans and the effects of diseases brought by the settlers forced away the aboriginal population, which was rapidly replaced by free settlers and the convict population. Many free settlers made their homes and livelihoods by the Derwent River, exporting products like fruit, IXL jam, and wool to other parts of Australia and the British Empire.

“If I was obliged to emigrate I certainly should prefer this place. The climate and aspect of the country almost alone would determine me.” Charles Darwin, 1836.
A touch of history

Hobart grew into one of Australia’s major ports and in 19th century new docks at Salamanca Place facilitated a range of shipping activities. The presence of the deep water port led to the growth of a large number of other industries, like shipbuilding, newsprint, zinc and even chocolate. Rapid development of the city took place during the 20th century and today Hobart is not only economically advanced but is rich in culture, heritage and natural assets.

As Australia’s second oldest capital city, Hobart is only exceeded in age by Sydney. Today Hobart remains a treasure trove of early Australian history, abounding in the original colonial architecture of the 1800s and still surrounded by the vast untamed wilderness that makes up much of Tasmania.

All apartments and penthouses within The Admiral’s Collection occupy sites of historic significance in Hobart’s Sullivans Cove. The Admiral’s Suite (circa 1825), for example, is located in what is thought to be Australia’s oldest continuously inhabited building and is located on the very site where Hobart was settled in 1804 (see outlined image in the above picture). The Admiral’s Loft is situated within the original IXL jam factory buildings from where the savvy industrialist, Henry Jones, commanded his global empire during the late 1800s and early 1900s. And from The Admiral’s Collection Penthouse I takes in spectacular birds eye views from your prime positions in the heart of historic Sullivans Cove.

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